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Tänzer und Choreograph

HEXTETT – Ein verzauberter Tanzabend

Born 1987 in Zaragoza, Spain.

Already by the age of nine,  he began his dance career at the prestigious dance school „Maria de Avila“ under the direction of Maria de Avila and Lola de Avila.
At 14 years of age, he won the „International Competition of Zaragoza 2001“ in the junior category and thus his first international dance competition. Just two years later he won the same competition in the senior category.

Motivated by these impressions, he began his professional dance career in the Junior Ballet of the „Ballet Biarritz II”, season 2003 – 2004.
In August 2004, Jorge García moved for one season to the „Sybaa Ballet“ (Ballet Aragon System), which was founded by the Spanish director Elia Lozano.
The following summer, Jorge García won the first place of the „International Competition Premio Roma 2005“. During this competition Heinz Spoerli, director of the Zurich Ballet, noticed him. The director and choreographer offered Jorge García a contract for the Junior Ballet of the theater, after that a contract „group with Solo“ was offered to him at the Zurich Ballet one year later.
Already in the following season (2007/08) he was promoted to Soloist with the Zürich Ballet.
He moved to the Basel Ballet in 2008 under the direction of Richard Wherlock. He has since danced numerous leading roles in this company also as a Soloist dancer.

In 2011 the dancer premieres as a choreographer making a piece for eight dancers, titled Match [ing] Sounds and with he is being awarded with the first prize of the Jugenförderpreis des Sperber-Kollegiums in Basel, Switzerland.

After that he is building his own repertory and has made more pieces winning international prizes as a choreographer. Prizes at  Cross Connection International Choreographic Competition, Copenhagen, Denmark, also at the Hanover Choreographic International Competition, Germany and Burgos New-York International Choreographic Competition, Burgos, Spain.

Since 2016 he is the Artistic Director and has founded together with Permi Jhooti „Carta Blanca Dance” in Basel.

Company Experience:
Basel Ballet :   2008 – present  “Principal Dancer“
Zürich Ballet:  2005 – 2008.   “Soloist Dancer“
Sybaa Ballet:  2004 – 2005.
Ballet Biarritz II: 2003 – 2004.

Beim THEATERNATUR2017 wird er beim Ballettabend „HEXTETT“ als Tänzer und Choreograph mitwirken.

Fotos von Uta Grütter